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Why Westfield

Why Westfield

The insurance industry is incredibly multi-faceted. It challenges you every day to know the ins and outs of the business, understand your clients' needs and navigate the best course of action. People's livelihood is in your hands. 

When you work at Westfield, you'll be inspired to learn new skills, show your strengths and grow in your career. And we give you what you need to thrive, 提供有竞争力的薪酬和现场培训和发展计划,帮助您发展您梦寐以求的事业.

Build your future…while protecting theirs.

A Relationship-Oriented Company

我们的成功是我们内部良好关系的直接结果, with our agents and customers.  随着我们的成长,我们认识到这些关系对我们的长寿至关重要. The fact is, there are many ways to evolve a company, but at Westfield, there's only one way — together.

It doesn’t take long to get a feel for Westfield’s culture. We are a relationship kind of company. Caring about people has been part of our culture since 1848. 尊重和诚信是我们的核心价值观之一,为客户的安心和财务稳定做出贡献,我们感到非常自豪.

When you work at Westfield, you are appreciated for your unique experience, background and perspective. 我们相信,融合我们的集体优势,使我们的公司强大,可行和成功.

Company Size

About 2,600 people across the US work for Westfield. Our Home Office campus, located in Westfield Center, OH, has 1,600 employees with another 1,000名员工在31个州的服务办公室工作.  

At the Home Office, even with 1,600 people, 十大彩票平台官网仍然拥有根植于我们170年历史的紧密结合的文化.

Rated "A" For Financial Strength

For over 80 years, Westfield Insurance has been rated “A” or higher by A.M. Best Rating Service for Financial Strength. A.M. Best对十大正规彩票平台公司的财务实力和履行其现行十大正规彩票平台单和合同义务的能力出具独立意见.

Benefits and Wellness

十大彩票平台官网有一个全面奖励计划,专注于薪酬、福利和健康. Work-life balance, recognition, 在十大彩票平台官网,学习和职业发展都是有回报的职业生涯的一部分.

我们为所有全职员工提供具有竞争力的福利待遇,同时为兼职员工提供有限的福利待遇. Our package includes:

  • 旨在促进员工身心健康的健康和福利福利
  • 退休福利旨在为您退休期间提供财务十大彩票平台官网



Health care is an essential benefit in today’s world. 十大彩票平台官网很高兴为所有全职员工提供医疗、牙科和视力十大正规彩票平台. 我们目前提供两种医疗选择,让员工可以选择最能满足他们医疗需求的方案. Prescription coverage is included in each of the medical options.
我们员工的心理健康和他们的身体健康一样重要. Therefore, Westfield offers an EAP, 哪一项保密的咨询和转介服务是为所有全职和兼职员工及其家属提供的.
灵活支出账户为全职员工提供了用税前资金支付某些医疗保健和受抚养人护理费用的机会. 灵活支出账户的选择使员工能够在可报销的费用上节省税收.
If you are eligible for a Health Savings Account, you can fund it with pre-tax dollars through Health Equity. You may be able to set aside pre-tax money to pay for eligible medical, dental, vision and prescription expenses. Unlike flexible spending accounts, 剩余的余额每年滚动,如果你离开或从十大彩票平台官网退休,这笔钱还会留在你身边.
我们的内政部提供现场健身中心,提供团体健身课程和私人教练,帮助您保持健康和幸福. We also offer fitness center reimbursement for service office employees.


全职员工在每年的登记期内,有机会为自己购买补充人寿十大正规彩票平台、意外死亡十大正规彩票平台和伤残十大正规彩票平台, 他们的配偶和符合条件的受抚养人在死亡时帮助履行经济义务.
当你在处理医疗问题时,财务稳定是很重要的. 短期残疾为全职员工提供经济保护,他们因为与工作无关的伤害或疾病而暂时残疾.
有时人们会经历残疾,使他们长时间无法重返工作岗位. In these instances, 全职员工在满足淘汰期后可能有资格获得长期残疾福利.


十大彩票平台官网认识到帮助员工为他们的退休生活提供财务支持的重要性. As a result, 符合条件的小时工和受薪雇员可以参加固定福利养老金计划,该计划在退休时提供固定的每月福利.
In addition to the pension plan, Westfield offers a 401(k) plan to eligible employees which allows for pre-tax Roth and after-tax contributions through payroll deductions; and Westfield makes a safe harbor contribution to the 401(k) plan on your behalf, regardless of whether or not you elect to make a contribution.


At Westfield, we believe that vacation serves the best interests of employees, as well as the Company, 允许员工有机会从工作中获得休息和放松的时间. Full-time employees receive paid vacation based on their years of service.
Westfield recognizes that from time to time, 员工可能因自己或直系亲属生病而需要缺勤. Therefore, 公司每年为全职员工提供一定数量的带薪病假.
十大彩票平台官网相信与你爱的人一起庆祝节日的重要性. 全职员工有资格享受公司法定假日和浮动假日的带薪假期, which may be taken any time during the calendar year.
因为员工是十大彩票平台官网最大的资产,并最终为公司的成功做出贡献, 员工分享公司的利润对我们来说很重要. 符合一定资格要求的员工可根据公司业绩获得各种奖金/奖励.